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Warehouse Waalwijk;
a centre court for national and international logistics

A high-quality logistics centre situated in the most prime logistics hotspot of the Netherlands

Construction of the modern warehouse and office space is expected to be fully completed in 2021. The entire commercial space of approx. 36,500 sq. m. consists of 32,500 sq. m. warehouse, 2,200 sq. m mezzanine and 1,900 sq. m. office space. It can be divided into two equal units of approx. 18,000 sq. m., which enables single or multi-tenant use of the building.

VDG Real Estate and Next Level Development are jointly developing Warehouse Waalwijk: a high-quality logistics centre situated in the most prime logistics hotspot of the Netherlands. Warehouse Waalwijk is located at Sluisweg 36, one minute from highway A59 and directly at the Port of Waalwijk. The region combines an excellent business climate for logistics companies with a strategic location reachable by road, water, rail and air, making it a powerful logistics hub.


The location is ideal for businesses that are looking to establish themselves in the epicentre of logistics and e-fulfilment. Centrally located in the Netherlands and Benelux with a multimodal infrastructure providing access to highway A59 & N261 and Waalwijk’s inland port, this location lends itself perfectly for multimodal logistics by road, water, rail and air.

Logistic hotspot Waalwijk

The region Tilburg/Waalwijk has won the award ‘Logistic Hotspot of the Year 2019’ by The region owes the title to the highest rating on the criteria of availability of sufficient personnel and the cooperation of the government/municipality in facilitating new logistics activities. Tilburg/Waalwijk also scores on motivation of personnel, availability of infrastructure, accessibility and the degree of national and crossborder e-fulfilment. Also, the region remains at the forefront by focusing on innovations in the field of spatial development, applied technology, sustainability, cooperation and the labour market. Tilburg/Waalwijk is particularly popular to foreign staff; shortstay facilities for migrants are being built in the region.

Business park ‘De Haven’

Warehouse Waalwijk is located on Business park ‘De Haven’: an established business park with a balanced ecosystem of both local and international companies such as, Apple, Spar, Xenos, van Haren, De Mandemakers Groep, Docdata, Syncreon, Airopack and Dell. The park has a well developed infrastructure and is perfectly situated in relation to the residential areas.

Warehouse Waalwijk lies in the mature part of business park ‘De Haven’; Haven 7 & 8. This area is expected to grow further in the coming years. The new development will be making use of two redevelopment (brownfield) locations to re-use valuable industrial land in a circular way for a new future proof building.

For further information, please refer to Business Park De Haven Magazine.

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The prestigious centre is designed by Palazzo, developed by VDG Real Estate and Next Level Development, and realised by VDG Unibouw. The warehouse will be delivered in accordance with the latest requirements that may be expected of a modern logistics complex and meets the high-quality standards that we set for all of our buildings; an impressive showpiece for your company.

As the property can be divided into two units, it is suitable for single or multi-tenant use.

Bringing nature inside

The building has lots of windows, providing the office as well as the warehouse and handling zone with sufficient daylight. A forward-thinking design choice in logistics architecture. The benefits of abundant natural light in work spaces are many. Plenty of natural daylight combined with views of the outdoors and bringing outdoor elements like plants and woodwork inside, provides employees with a calm, welcoming environment that will keep them healthier and more productive. Moreover, as natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours, energy costs are lowered.

Curvy design

In order to prevent the design from looking overly boxy and rectilinear, curves and round shapes have been integrated into the design, giving the building a friendly yet impressive appeal.


Warehouse Waalwijk comprises 32,461 sq. m. warehouse, a mezzanine of 2,177 sq. m., as well as 1,854 sq. m. of office space. As the property can be divided into two units, it is suitable for single or multi-tenant use. The warehouse will include the latest technologies available in modern logistics real estate and will be accredited BREEAM-NL Very Good upon completion. The technical specifications are as follows:

Unit 1 Unit 2 Total
Warehouse 16,214 sq. m. 16,247 sq. m. 32,461 sq. m.
Mezzanine 1,072 sq. m. 1,105 sq. m. 2,177 sq. m.
Office 2 x 477 sq. m. 2 x 450 sq. m. 1,854 sq. m.
GLA (BVO) 36,492 sq. m.
Site 51,848 sq. m.
Show floorplan


Free height 12.20 m1
Maximum storage height 12.10 m1
Grid structure 12x22,8 m1
Depth warehouse 144 m1
Floor load capacity 5.000 kg/m2
Point load capacity 8.000 kg
Loading docks 30 docks
Doors Electric overhead doors


Setup Separate office per unit
Configuration Landscape offices in 2 layers
Inner free height Minimum 2.7 m.
Floor load capacity 400 kg/ sq. m.
Cooling system VRF ceiling system


Free height under mezzanine 5,2 m1
Depth mezzanine 12 m1
Location Above loading docks
Floor load capacity 700 kg/ sq. m.


Car parking spaces 268
Truck parking spaces 6
Bicycle shed 1 per unit


BREEAM-NL certificate Qualification ‘Very Good’

Variable height options

Zoning regulations in Haven 7 & 8 allow for flexibility in operational use (environmental classification 3.1 – 5.3 and a building height of 16 m1 with the possibility to go up to approx. 40 m1 for 30% of the buildable area).


Upon completion, Warehouse Waalwijk will be accredited BREEAM-NL Very Good and consequently scores head and shoulders above statutory standards in terms of sustainability.

Furthermore, the building has a lifecycle proof design that incorporates a modular setup that allows easy adaptability to changing business requirements. Also, the logistics flows of goods and persons in and around the building is structured to avoid damages and provide safety. The development is re-using land and material in a circular way. The development will be realised on two brownfield land plots and the material recovered from the demolition works will be re-used on site.